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Fruit Jar Color Index (rev. 10-10-15)

Thanks to fruit jar collector and dealer John Hathaway for the compilation of this color index.  These color combinations were determined by placing the fruit jar on a table about four feet from a window on a sunny day (but not when the sun shines directly through the window), and matching the jar color to the Spec-Tru slide(s) while looking through the jar.  This is a bit imprecise, as variations in the intensity of the light may affect the color slide combinations.

As I am not a fruit jar collector, I need access to collectors with a wide variety of fruit jar colors.  If you would be interested in helping me devise a more standard method of determining fruit jar colors (using a process similar to that for insulators), please e-mail me at chris@spec-tru.com

Color Name                           Spec-Tru Color Number

Amber                                      670+680

Globe Amber                          705+760

Honey Amber                          670

Dark Honey Amber                 680

Red Amber                              670+760

Brown Amber                          760+1040

Dark Brown Amber                 670+1015+1040

Olive Amber                            520+630

Olive Amber                            530+630 (Ball Perfect Seal Mason Jars)

Citron                                       525+610

Light Citron                              505+525

Light Olive Citron                    520+705

Dark Olive Citron                    530+705

Light Yellow                             605

Cornflower Blue                      420

Light Cornflower Blue             420+1100

Medium Cornflower Blue       440+505

Bright Cornflower Blue           383+425

Apple Green                            520

Light Apple Green                   520+605

Dark Apple Green                   515+520

Light Olive Green                    515  -or-  505+520

Medium Olive green               540+610

Yellow Olive Green                 510+515

Bright Olive Green                  505+515

Yellow Green                           490+510

Emerald Green                       520+525

Light Emerald Green              530

Medium Emerald Green         525

Bright Emerald Green            515+530

Teal                                          420+525  -or-  430+530

Dark Teal                                 530+590

Light Aquamarine                   420+520

Dark Aquamarine                   570 or 580



Granny Kath Atlas Strong Shoulder Jars


Apple Green                            520

Emerald Green                        520+525

Green Aqua                              425+505

Olive                                          525+635

Citron                                        530+705

Smokey Yellow                        386+610

Indigo Blue                               415

Cornflower Blue                       373