Welcome to Spec-Tru - a Standard Color Reference for Transparent Glass that offers a True Spectrum of Color.
Spec-Tru is a portable and inexpensive color reference system that combines the functions of a colorimeter and spectrograph in a small hand-held package.
It is a great tool for cataloging the colors in one's own glass collection, or for describing color of insulators, bottles, jars, and other colored glass in letters, e-mail, trade lists, and over the telephone.
Please visit all our pages to learn more about identifying the many colors of transparent glass.

Version 4.3 Now Available!

The addition of 15 new slides will enable you to match many lighter colors - lavenders, pinks, yellow, light greens and blues, grays, ices, and tints.
With these new slides we have now identified over 400 colors!
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